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Announcing, the Fume Iron from IZUNAMI: designed to literally suck up the fumes created during the keratin treatment process, the patented iron utilizes “source extraction”. The breakthrough flat iron extraction system instantly removes fumes and pulls the unhealthy vapors away from you and your client by filtering them through an activated carbon filter and puts back out purified air.

The result....

Serious smoothing and straightening from the product you love—all without a fill-up on fumes. The air flow in between the layers of hair while flat ironing with Fume Iron results in superior shine, bounce and Keratin treatment effect than when done with traditional flat irons.

Call for your fume free appointment today!

IZUNAMI® Fume Iron™ Sucks Up Keratin Fumes—So Your Lungs Don’t Have to! The world’s first ever source-extraction flat iron!